Chicken Salami Sandwich (1).jpg

College students and office workers who live away from home know the pain of making breakfast in the morning before leaving for their office or college. Most of them are in a hurry and even if they manage to do their breakfast, they alone know how sucky it tastes.

Now I can’t lecture you on how you should get up 2 hours early before you leave for your work but that’s always a good thing to do. The only solution for the people who are always under the gun is to keep the necessaries prepared the night before; whether the “necessaries” mean clothes to wear or the ingredients needed for the breakfast to eat the next day.

Here’s a recipe to make delicious chicken salami sandwich.

Ingredients needed:

◆ Bread

◆ Onion

◆ Capsicum

◆ Tomato

◆ Butter

◆ Cheese

◆ Veg Tandoor Mayonnaise

◆ Veg Mayonnaise

◆Chicken Salami

Check out the video to see how it is made.

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