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I’m Susmita. I’m born and brought up in Kolkata, the city of Joy.  The early ages of my life have been spent in mothering my two children and setting up a business with my husband. Now that the business is running smooth, I literally have not much to do. My husband handles it all by himself. Most of my time are spent in household works and sometimes I feel like I’m sitting idly with not much to do.

It’s has always been my passion to become a cook and set up my own restaurant which seems quite impossible now considering the amount of money to be invested. So, my husband suggested to do something with the passion I’ve for cooking; he told me to open up a food vlog and also run a blog, if possible.

So, with the enthusiasm and support we opened up a vlog in YouTube “Be a Chef”. I also opened up a blog to share my recipes. I hope you like it.

With love,