My Journey

About: My recipes

The recipes that I put on my blog and vlog come entirely from my mother’s head. She’s not a professional cook. Neither did she learn cooking or took a course on it. Nothing of that sort! It seems like cooking is in her blood. She’s a master in it. She loves to cook and is extremely passionate about it.

If you ever follow up her recipe and try to cook, you might not make the exact same thing that she makes. The food she makes is too delicious to be described in words. She’s a mother. She cooks not just with those ingredients alone but with lots of love and care. Trust me that adds a lot of taste to the food.

The recipes she provides us with might not describe that typical dish. She might go against the rules for making a particular dish. For example, people don’t generally mix Chinese with Indian, right? She added Chinese sauces to kebab. That might not make sense to the “professional” cooks but, I swear, it gives it a heavenly taste.

I read a lot of food blogs. I’ve seen people who hate mayonnaise in hotdogs. I’ve also seen people asking for extra mayonnaise in their hotdog. It doesn’t really matter what ingredients are used in the food as long as it tastes delicious, does it? It entirely depends on the individual’s choice and preference.

So, here’s the bottom line. We’re not the professional cooks. What I share here  are entirely her own recipes. It’s not taken from anywhere. The only thing I can promise is that if you make use of her recipes exactly the way she directs, you’ll not be disappointed.


Created a VLOG before a BLOG.

I had a wish of having a blog since forever and after some fruitless tries I finally managed to have one. Yay!

My journey started on a very fine morning when I was having tea with my family. My father was reading out an article on a newspaper on how a guy is making fortune by making videos on YouTube. I’ve heard of other such success stories, too. We all have heard, didn’t we?

My father suggested me to open up a YouTube channel if I was at all interested. Well, I wasn’t, at least, then. I told him that I don’t really have any content to show. Then it stroke my mind that my mom is interested in cooking. So, she can do something with it. I asked her if she was interested in opening up a YouTube channel. She got real excited because it has always been her passion and she wanted to have a restaurant of her own. So, this was something she can do or start with.

I told her that it needs a lot of dedication. It’s not just about shooting a cooking video and posting it. It’s also about persistence, good quality video and editing skils(and a hell lot of other things!!). To be honest, I had none. I have none! I told my father about all those. T that, he said it’s neither too soon nor too late to start something new. He told me to start with whatever I have in store. A 13MP mobile camera and an editing app from play store were all we started with. We finished with our breakfast and made our very first video on that very morning.

It was decided that she’ll will be cooking and I will be shooting and editing. We did our very first video-Chicken Kebab. That’s how her vlogging journey started. And, partially mine, too..kinda!!

After a week, I thought why not open up a blog about this. I thought it would be a great way to connect these two. I can post her recipes and write about it and also provide the YouTube link. Without wasting another second I opened up this blog and started writing. That’s how my blogging journey started.